Here is A list of Red Sled Videos!

Click Here to watch Red Sled First Street SRT4 in the 10s! 9s! 8s! 
Click Here to watch Best ET 8.83 - Best MPH 169.30
Click Here to watch DCR Red Sled 8 Second Video
Click Here to watch Red Sled 9.12 et Pass at Etown
Click Here to watch Red Sled Classic Parachute Action
Click Here to watch DCR can be too much power at times 
Click Here to watch Too much to Tame here 
Click Here to watch Red Sled In Car with Tire Spin
Click Here to watch Red Sled Trying to put the Big Power Down

DCR Red Sled of Kevin Van Natten
8 second SRT-4.  Worlds Quickest and Fastest SFWD SRT-4
Here is a 9.16et run spinning a bit

Above is DCR 7 Second Hot Rod SRT-4. Worlds fastest SRT-4.

Video of Record Runs Above!

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Here is some Action from Scott Horner's DCR Street 9 Full Street Driven SRT-4

Click Here to watch a video of 10.19 et @ 143 MPH 
Click Here to watch 10.30 et @ 146 MPH
Click Here to watch 149 MPH Full Street Car

See Below for some Other Awesome Videos

Click here to watch 1400 HP High Gear 200 MPH Wheel Speed Burn Out! Jeff's GR8 DCR Built SRT-4 Canada's Fastest and Quickest SRT-4 running 10.0s @ 143 MPH with ease!
Click Here to watch DCR Hot Rod Testing Twin Stock SRT Turbos
Click Here to watch Two of Three Gears Pass at Pinks ALL OUT
Click Here to watch Twin Turbo Stockers on Dyno
Click Here to watch Twin Turbos On Hot Rod Burn Out

DCRs Mike Crawford aka "The Burn Out King" of Sport Compact for years; Doing Work!

  The Leaders in SRT Performance from Street to Strip!

Racing is what we do! 1st Race Out and Kip Won!

DCR Street 9 Set Up 9.92et @ 151mph!

Darrell Cox Racing Worlds Quickest SRT-4 7.90 et @ 188 MPH

DCR Built Turbo 331ci SB V8 Fox Body on Radials 1000+whp 22psi Street Car 5.37 et 1/8th Mile @ 132 Mph

Normally ran at 40 PSI; this is what it would do at 31 PSI